BenchMagic is unique in that we fix most electronics - we are not specialized. What we don't fix are laptops, tablets, cameras or MP3 players.

We love the old guitar amps, we have fixed Technics organs and work on keyboards for churches and bands.

We are warranty repair for Yamaha Pro, Fender, BOSS, Korg, Allen & Heath, Digitech, Fostex, Peavey, Quad, Marshall, Vox, Nord,JBL, Mission, Ashley, Aphex and many more products

We have repaired mixing boards, video projectors & laser cutters. We have fixed hydralic hose press circuit boards. We repair electric car chargers.

Car modules, stage amplifiers and powered subwoofers for stage shows.

Soundcraft amplifiers with motorboading or channels that fade out. We can work on cassette players if they are not to far gone. CD players, reel to reel and L-Cassette chassis (We will need an L-Cassette tape to test, though!)

We can repair most power conditioners. Got a dead battery charger?

We can lovingly restore your old gear.

This is the kind of work we do