Suggestions, Answers and General Info

Here we try and help out with common technical advice, answers to questions online and offer specific help for those trying to keep their equipment functioning after their warranty has expired.


When life hands you lemons, it's the perfect time to kick back with an Iced Tea...

Crackle, pops and distorted sound from controls and switches are very common as equipment ages. The loud noises are hard on speakers and your hearing. Cleaning is usually inexpensive. Let us help.

Do you have an item that needs repair? Bring it in. It costs nothing to get an estimate*. Try us out! Detailed estimates are avaliable at an hourly rate.

We will be adding more here. As time and budget permits, we can add a searchable information source. We keep our costs down to keep prices reasonable.

*Please see our Policies page for more information regarding our free estimates.