A Reel to Reel Repair

We received a TEAC Reel to Reel in for repair. Here is the repair in pictures to help you understand the level of work required to repair a 45 year old piece of equipment.

1: First the machine gets tested for issues then the cover over the heads is removed.


2: Reel tables come off for access to the front panel screws.                                           -->

3: The front panel is exploded off the machine to access the mechanism hiding in the back


4: All mechanism gets pulled apart, cleaned, regreased or oiled as needed and carefully reassembled. The switches are accessed and rebuilt at this point.                                -->

6: The motor drive gets removed and the belt is installed                                                 -->

7: Another view of the back


8: A closeup of the drive belt - see it hiding in there?

9: All the disassembly is reversed. Belts are replaced, alignments are checked.


5: The front panel wiring is routed through and the mechanism is aligned into the plate and screwed down. The plate is attached with a couple screws to hold it.

10: When the mechanical is working correctly, the electrical gets tested and aligned. Record gets adjusted last as play must be perfect first.-->