• Personal contact with the tech who does the work where possible.
  • We warranty our specific work for 6 months and your unit for 3 months
  • Work is always done to be better than the original
  • All parts used are the best of their class.
  • If you want superior parts, let us know before we start (Special order)
  • All work is done in a timely manner with safety foremost (like replacing power cords)
  • Only the best work - our name will be on it!.
  • Detailed and accurate estimates available at our hourly rate.
  • Equipment left at the store 1 month after we call for pickup accrues storage charges - 1%/month
  • Equipment not picked up after 6 months will be sold.
  • Refused work is not part of our warranty policy - charges will be made to repair refused work
  • Our minimum charge is 1/2 hr. Expect to pay 1/2 hr for any repair left at Benchmagic. We do our best to provide you with an approximate cost before you drop work off.
  • Benchmagic reserves the right to refuse work if a requested deposit is not provided.
  • Not everything can be fixed for a reasonable price. We will require a deposit where a job is more than the value of the device being repaired.

We are trying to bring back a bit of the personal service from years past.

Company Policies