Do you do good work?

We provide only the best possible service, if we weren't proud to put our name on it, it wouldn't leave the shop!

What's your warranty?

We warranty our specific work for 6 months and your unit for 3 months

Do you use quality parts?

All parts used are the best of their class! Specialist parts are available upon request.

Do you provide estimates?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable techs will provide you with an estimate before we proceed with any work.

What if I fail to pick up my unit?

Unfortunately our space is limited, so equipment left at the store 1 month after we call for pickup accrues storage charges @ 1% of the invoice/month. After 6 months the device will be sold to clear space and recover costs.

Do you have a minimum charge?

Our minimum charge is half an hour.

Will you fix anything?

Unfortunately not everything is economical to fix. We will require a deposit where the cost of a repair is more than the value of the device being repaired.

Benchmagic reserves the right to refuse work if a requested deposit is not provided.